Raw Results

When working with raw results grids, several of the grid formatting options are exposed to help you customize the design of the grid.

The following functions are available for raw results grids:

  • Alternate Rows: display every other row in a different shade, to easily differentiate between rows.
  • Extended Grid Formatting: the extended grid formatting functions are grouped under the Format All section of the Component ribbon; these functions enable editing of the grid design, row, column, or data design, or contextual formatting (based on an active selection from the grid).
  • Grid Borders: customize the grid's borders, including border color and width.
  • Grid Font:customize the grid font.
  • Grid Padding:add padding to the grid cells.
  • Readability: override Pyramid's readability logic to enable a broader combination of background and foreground (text) colors.
  • Scale to Fit: scale a large grid down to fit it to the canvas size.