Quick Sort

Sorting allows the user to choose the order in which data and items are presented in a visualization. Quick sorting offers a context-driven selection of what to sort and a set of basic sort algorithms through a point-and-click menu option. For more advanced sorting options, users can access the Sort wizard dialog which offers an ability to create one or more sorts; with greater control over the sorting logic and mechanics. It is also the venue to edit and refine quick sorts created through query interactions.

The explanation around how sorts work is explained further in the Sort Wizard topic.

Types of Quick Sort

The sort type determines the overall sorting approach to be used. The type options change depending on the hierarchies chosen and the data source type. Hierarchy elements are always presented in their 'natural sort order' by default. The natural order is usually defined in the underlying data model and is typically alphabetical. Specifying a sort, breaks that natural ordering.

  • Values: sorts the hierarchy elements based on numerical values driving the item that triggered the Quick Sort click.
  • Labels: sorts the hierarchy elements using their labels or captions.
  • Custom: sorts the hierarchy elements in the order they were selected from the elements tree - as opposed to their natural order regardless of selection order. Since this is effectively a "no sort" option, all other sorting options are disabled.
  • Inverted: this sorts the elements of a multi-level hierarchy such that parent elements appear after child elements.
    • Note: This capability is only available for MS OLAP and SAP BW hierarchies.
  • Natural: this is effectively the "unsorted" option, returning element order to the way it was defined in the underlying data model.

Adding a Quick Sort

Quick Sorts are driven by the interactive clicks of the end user - so they take the context of the click into account when determining the 'ingredients' of the sort algorithm.

Right Click Context Menu

For grid visualizations, right click on the column or row header to choose the Quick Sort option and the type sub-options.

For other visualizations, right click on legend or axis items to sort the relevant hierarchy.

Drop Zones

From specific hierarchies (blue chips): Right click on a blue chip from the drop zones to specifically sort the chosen hierarchy

Across one or more hierarchies in Drop Zone: click on the drop zones menu to sort across all the hierarchies currently in the drop zone

Edit Quick Sorts

You can review and edit quick sort selections from the Sort Wizard:

  • To open the sort wizard:
    • Click the Sort button from the Query ribbon, or
    • Click the context menu of the sort panel on the canvas, and select edit
  • To delete quick sorts, click Remove Sorts from the Sort drop down in the Query ribbon, or select remove from the sort's context menu on the canvas