List Ribbon

Run Button: click the Pyramid run button to test your list. Results and syntax will be displayed in the Result Preview and Syntax Preview panels respectively. If the list formula fails, open the Problems panel to see why.

Script Mode: switch to script mode to build your custom list in the script editor.

Clear All: clear everything from the canvas.

Reset zoom to default: reset to the default zoom.

Clipboard tools: use the clipboard tools to cut, copy, paste, and delete. You can also use keyboard shortcuts for these functions.

Move to Start: move a given node to the start of the formulation.

Move to End: move a given node to the end of the formulation.

Refresh Metadata: refresh the data model metadata, including dimensions, elements, and business logic.

Quick Discovery: click to open the formulation in Discover. Click here for more information.

Quick Logic: open build a formula, list, KPI, or parameter in a new tab.