The scripting engines allow users to manipulate data during the ETL. Using Marketplace, users can choose from a collection of scripts in a variety of languages. Using R or Python, users are able to write code on top of Pyramid data, to create customized columns and tables.

  • The input: given a selected\ joined\ manipulated table in Pyramid, each column that is required for the scripting should be added and mapped to a unique name in the scripting language and according to the language rules.
  • The output: the output of the script should be a column at with a row number equal to the input table. The column type (Float, String, and Integer) is also required.
  • Table output: the scripting can also output a new table.
  • Package name: some of the open source scripting language can load different packages from a central repository, pyramid has the ability to download and load (if needed).