Measure Editor

From the Measure Editor, you can edit or define a measure for the given column. If the column is already defined as a measure, its metadata will be displayed; click on it to edit it. If the column is not defined as a measure, click the plus sign to configure a measure.

You can add multiple measures for a given column.

Access the Measure Editor

To open the measure editor, left click on the required column. Under Measures (red arrow below) in the Properties panel, any existing measures will be listed (red highlight). Click on a measure to open the Measure Editor (blue highlight), or click the blue plus sign to create a new measure in the Measure Editor.

From the Measure Editor, you can edit the measure's:

  • Display name and description
  • Aggregation type
  • Format
  • Display folder

Click Apply to confirm changes. To delete a measure, click its red X.

Click here to learn about the measure aggregation types that Pyramid offers.