Migration Destinations

Pyramid supports the classic Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology, where content may be developed in once Pyramid instance, shifted to a testing instance and then pushed to a final production Pyramid instance. To enable this functionality, content can be exported and imported in 3 ways:

To enable the Migration Wizard, migration destinations need to be preconfigured in the admin on this page.

The migration Wizard is only available in the Enterprise Edition.

Setting up Target Destinations

To setup a migration destination that can be used with the migration wizard, start by clicking the Add Migration Address button. In the panel below:

  • Provide a name for the destination
  • The URL for the destination version of Pyramid that will be the target of the migration. Be sure to use HTTPS if it is SSL secured.
  • Check the "Secured" box if the destination will be limited to certain tenants, then pick the appropriate tenant from the drop down.
  • Last, provide the account that will be sued to auto-login to the destination to retrieve the target's folder structure.
    • If the target system uses Active Directory, provide the NetBios domain name

Click test to ensure the connection works and then Save.