Pulse Installer Overview

Using the Pulse, users can connect data sources on the disparate network directly to Pyramid, allowing direct queries from Pyramid to the data sources.

The Pulse Server is a stand alone application designed to be deployed into disparate networks, separate from the main Pyramid deployment.

NOTE: The Pulse server itself does not need a license. However Pulse capabilities are only available with Enterprise Licensing.


The Pulse installer can be downloaded from the Pyramid customer portal. Pulse is a quick installation and requires a simple setup process. Details can be found here.

Note: Pulse does not support OLAP or Tabular models.

Note: Before you begin, ensure you have administrative rights on the server.

Pulse Network Configuration

Pulse connects to Pyramid via standard web channels on ports 80 (unsecured) or 443 (secured via SSL) - depending on what protocol your Pyramid installation is configured to run under.

  • Pulse does not require any other network changes, firewall rule updates, VPN setups or alternative security apparatus. It will also operate smoothly with modern proxy servers.
  • In the event there are issues connecting a Pulse Server node to Pyramid, please check your proxy server configurations. This is usually manifest in older, 'transparent' proxy servers and configurations.