File Data Sources

To connect to a file data source, add the required node to the canvas. From the Properties panel, select the way you want to connect to the file: upload the file, connect to a shared file, or connect to a URL.

Step 1. Select a File Type

Add the required node to the canvas:

Step 2. Select a Connection Type
Uploaded File

To upload a file, either drag and drop the file from its folder location onto the Properties panel, or click the blue Upload File button, and then find and select the file from its folder location.

Shared File

Users can provide a pointer to a shared file, rather than uploading the file into Pyramid. When the model is processed, the file is read and included in the model.

To connect to a shared file, enter the shared file path in the Properties panel. The shared file must use a UNC file path format to the shared directory and file on the network. The machine hosting Pyramid must have access to the shared file location. If the Pyramid services are running on different machines, the Runtime and Task Servers must be given access to the shared file location.


The data will be downloaded from the URL when the model is processed. To connect to a URL, enter the URL and its required authorization:

  • None: select None if no authorization is required
  • Basic Authentication: if basic authentication is required
  • Custom Header: if custom header authorization is required
Step 3. Table Selection

From the Table Selection panel select the tables that should be added to the Data Flow.