Text File Sources

When using the Text File Source, you can choose from two file reading types:

Delimited File: choose this option if columns are delimited.

Fixed-Width Text File: choose this option if columns are a fixed width.

Delimited Text File

If the text file source has delimited columns, choose this option, and then select the corresponding delimiter. If the required delimiter does not appear in the drop down, simply type it in the Delimiters window.

Next, confirm whether or not the first row in the file consists of column names.

Fixed-Width Text File

If you have fixed-width text file, you must add the column names and size under Column sizes. You can add one column by clicking the plus sign, then entering the column name and size (number of characters), and clicking Apply.

You can add multiple columns by clicking the Edit Columns button. From the Set column names and sizes window, enter the column names and sizes. The format should be:



If you have your fixed-width columns documented, you can copy and paste them - for example, you may have an excel file which lists each column name and how many characters it is.


Encoding is set to UTF-8 by default. If your text file source has a different encoding, select it from the drop-down.