Datasource Preview

Sort and Filter

Hover over a column header to show sorting and filtering options (red arrow below). Click the arrows once to sort the preview of the given column in alphabetical order, or twice to sort in reverse-alphabetical order. Click a third time to undo sorting.

Click the funnel icon to filter the preview of the given column.

Note: these options sort and filter the preview only.

Column Statistics

Note: this feature is not available in the Community edition.

Click a column's bar chart icon (green arrow above) to open its Column Statistics panel. In the first panel you'll see a breakdown of statistics, including the number of rows, distinct values, and blanks. For numeric columns, you'll also see the maximum, minimum, and average values. By default, the statistics displayed are based on the first 50 rows in the column. Click the drop down (red arrow below) to increase the number of rows in the preview.

In the next panel you'll see a visualization of the column's statistics. By default this is presented in a bar cart. Click the Column chart icon (green arrow below) to switch to a column chart. The chart shows information according to the column type:

String columns: a chart displaying frequency of text length, and another chart displaying frequency of values.

Numeric columns: displays a chart showing the frequency of values.

Date columns: displays a frequency distribution of the date according tot he range (i.e. year).

Under Suggested Actions, where relevant you'll see suggested actions you can take:

Replace outlier with mean: adds a node to the ETL to replace the outlier of the given column with the mean.

Remove Blanks: adds a filter node to the ETL to remove blanks from the given column.

Add Time Intelligence: adds a Time Intelligence node to the ETL to separate a given dateKey column into time intelligence columns.


Data Statistics and Quality

Review statistics for the columns in a given table and take suggested actions, like adding time intelligence.


Click the preview icon to load or refresh the preview.


Click the pin icon to dock the preview panel.


Click the arrow to minimize the preview panel.


Any errors in the ETL will be displayed in the Errors panel. This panel can be docked or minimized.


When you process the data flow and/or model, its progress is displayed in the Progress panel. This panel can be docked or minimized.