Target Parameterization for Presentations

Presentations may be parameterized through targets. To parameterize a presentation, start by adding a Target, then create an interaction between the target and the relevant visualization.

Direct URL Loading

Parameterize the presentation's URL for direct content loading, using the following syntax:

{YourPyramidsite}/direct/?id={content identifier}&target[Target Name]=[Dimension].[Hierarchy].[Member]:[Dimension].[Hierarchy].[Member]
{YourPyramidsite}/direct/?id={content identifier}&target[Target Name]=[customers].[Country].[France]:[customers].[country].[Germany]

Embedded Content

Use JavaScript to parameterize an embedded presentation:

var target = {
name: 'Target 1',
filters: [
{ value: '[customers].[country].[France]' },
{ value: '[customers].[country].[Germany]' },
olap: false
var params = {
targets: [target]
//embed the presentation in the container
var countryFilter = { value: '[customers].[country].[France]' };
var target = { name: 'Target 1', filters: [countryFilter], olap: false };
pyramid.embed(document.getElementById(‘myDiv’)), {
id: "f8d66c64-893b-43fc-8049-e9b710ec90f9",
host: "https://mysite",
contentType: "storyboard",
params: { targets: [target] }