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Pulse Nodes

Note: this feature is available only with an Enterprise edition license.

The Pulse server is a stand alone application designed to be deployed into disparate networks, separate from the main Pyramid deployment.

Using the Pulse server, users can connect data sources on the disparate network directly to Pyramid, allowing direct queries from Pyramid to the data sources.

Installation instructions for Pulse can be found here.

Note: Pulse does not currently support MS OLAP or Tabular models.


Pulse Demo

Using Pulse

Once Pulse has been installed and the setup complete, the pulse node will appear in Admin, under Data Source.

It will be disabled - click the button and select Enable.

In the Tenant window, the number next to the tenant name refers to the number of pulse nodes connected to that tenant.

Once the node has been enabled, connect to the relevant server. Go to Servers, and select the server that you want to connect the Pulse node to.

Check the Pulse Node option, and from the drop down select the relevant pulse node. Click Test to verify your selection.

Click Apply to connect the pulse node to the server. Once connected, you'll see a cloud icon in the Pulse Server column of the selected server.

When that server is selected to launch other modules, the Pulse icon will appear in the Databases and Models windows.

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