The Access section is the central location for setting up user access to the system It involves user, role, and tenant setups, as well as the peripheral settings needed to control the user experience in the application.

This section includes:

  • Users: add, edit, and remove users in the system. This includes setting user admin rights, profiles, and roles.
  • Roles: add, edit, and delete roles in the system. Also use this interface to bulk-assign users to roles.
  • Tenants: add, edit, and delete tenants from the system. This includes configuring tenant license allocations and other settings.
  • Profiles:add, edit, and delete user profiles in the system. User profiles can be set for users and roles.
  • User Defaults: add, edit, and delete user defaults in the system. User defaults can be set for each tenant.
  • Provisioning: enable and configure provisioning to sync Active Directory users with Pyramid users.