The Data section contains administrative settings and management tools associated with data sources, database servers, data access, Pulse nodes and metadata.

  • Data Source: tools to add and edit data sources on the system.
  • Source Manager: tools for managing security and settings for data sources, databases and data models (and cubes). Within each data model tools for managing the security of hierarchies, measures, and members as well as data overlays for each item.
  • Pulse Nodes: manager for setting up and managing "Pulse" nodes. Pulse allows data sources on disparate networks to connect to Pyramid.
  • Kerberos Keytabs: manager to add and edit Kerberos Keytabs when connecting to Teradata and SAP HANA data sources using Kerberos.
  • Custom Connectors: tools to connect to bespoke data sources.
  • Caching: this page handles settings for the various caches in the application.
  • Query Limits: set size limits for element trees, slicers and file uploads.
  • Data Source Limits: query settings and limits for all data sources.
  • Global Settings: master settings for security access to Active Directory data sources as well as Kerberos KRB5 configurations.