Global Settings

Global Account

The global account is designed as a simple way to set a master Active Directory user account for accessing all Microsoft data sources that require an Active Directory account for authentication. This setting has no impact on other parts of the application.

  • Provide the account id in the format "domain \ username" together with the matching password.
  • When creating a Microsoft data source (OLAP, Tabular), check the box "Use global account settings" to use the account credentials.


This option is to instruct the engine how to style the effective user name for Microsoft OLAP and Tabular connections. The default is "UPN" mode ( NetBios switches this to domain\user.

Kerberos Keytab Configuration File

A KRB5 configuration file is required to use Kerberos Keytab server-to-server authentication for Teradata and SAP HANA. It needs to be uploaded in this panel. For more details on using Keytabs click here.