Level Overlay

Level overlays allow admins to adjust a regular hierarchy level's metadata for specified roles. Admins can adjust the metadata overlay of selected levels found in regular hierarchies and drill path hierarchies for a given user role. This includes the level description, name, and type

Note: this option is only available when working with multi-level regular hierarchies

Data Catalog

Since the metadata exposed forms the body of the data catalog function in Pyramid, the overlay capabilities allow for a personalization of the Data Catalog using a centralized mechanism based on security.

How to Set Level Overlay

  1. After selecting the required data model and role, open the Level Overlay panel.
  2. Edit the level overlay as required:
    • Description: add or edit the hierarchy level's description
    • Alternative Name: apply an alternative name to the hierarchy level. The role that's applied to the overlay will see the alternative name instead of the original hierarchy name.
    • Type: add or edit the type to which the hierarchy or hierarchy level belongs.
  3. Click Apply to save changes.