FTP Setup

FTP Encryption Settings

Pyramid supports FTP and FTPS (implicit and explicit); configure the encryption and mode settings appropriate for your FTP source.


  • Unencrypted FTP: data is not encrypted. The default port is 21 unless otherwise specified.
  • Explicit FTPeS:newer method, The default port is 21 unless otherwise specified.
  • Implicit FTPS:older method, the entire connection is encrypted over SSL. The default port is 990.


The mode describes how the data connection is made.

  • Default: No configuration. Normally the default is active mode.
  • data connections are in active mode, opened by the FTP server to Pyramid.
  • Port range: which ports may be used for data connections.
    • These ports need to be opened in the firewall on the Pyramid machine.
    • If left blank there is no limit, and any random unused port will be used.
  • Passive: data connections are made in passive mode, from Pyramid to the FTP server.
    • This does not require opening ports in the firewall on Pyramid machine.

SSL Session Reuse

Pyramid does not currently support SSL session reuse, which might be required by some FTP servers.

For instance, the VSFTPD server requires this feature by default, but can be configured otherwise. To configure the server to not require SSL session reuse, edit /etc/vsftpd.conf on the FTP server machine, and add the following line: