Email Templates

Email templates allows the customer to custom-design the look and feel of emails that will be sent to end-users. Admins can create email templates to be used in the platform. Once created, the email template can be set as a default template for a tenant and will be automatically used for all emails used in the tenant.

Importing templates

Templates can be imported by clicking on the "Import" button on the top right-hand of the page.

The email templates page is the central manager for adding, editing, and deleting email templates in Pyramid.

The page shows the list of existing email templates in the system. Clicking on a specific email template will open a page where you can edit the settings for the email template. Use the check boxes and the macro buttons at the top of the page to delete multiple email templates.

Email Templates Listing

The Email Templates listing shows a list of all templates in the system to which you have access. Enterprise admins will see all templates, while domain admins will see only emails assigned to their own domain. Each item in the list displays the following columns:

  • Actions - a panel to edit, duplicate, delete, and export the email template as a .pet file. It can be imported later.
  • Name - email template's name.
  • Default - default email template to be used.
  • Secured - selecting the checkbox (optional) indicates the email template has been secured for a specific tenant. If secured, then a tenant can be selected.
  • Tenant - the tenant where the email template has been secured (optional).
  • Created By - user who created the email template.
  • Created On - date on which the email template was created.
  • Modified By - user who last modified the email template.
  • Modified On - date on which the email template was modified.
  • Version - shows the current version number.

The buttons on the top right allow you to:

  • Delete the selected templates.
  • Import a .pet file email template.
  • Add a new template.
  • Apply changes.

Default Templates

By selecting the default template, the template will be used as the default email template for all template types (Publications, Subscriptions, Alerts, Administrative, Conversation, and Master Flow). The default email template selected in the tenant default settings can override this template if desired.

Secured Templates

Enterprise admins can edit and view all email templates, but domain admins can only edit and view unsecured email templates and email templates that have been secured for tenants to which they have access.

Add or Edit Email Templates

  • Click here to see how to add or edit email templates.