Summary Panel

The Admin Summaries Panel displays the a topology of the services in the Pyramid cluster including high level diagnostic data. It also includes a summary of the current licensing, pulse nodes, and tasks status.


Diagnostics Dashboard

The Diagnostics interface (green box above) presents all the system's servers and their usage. For each service, key metrics are shown as well as a mini-menu lets admin's quick access to key functionality


The licensing panel (orange box) displays a summary of the currently loaded license including type, expiration date, and support level. Click the key button to go to the Licensing panel.

Pulse Nodes

The Pulse panel (red box) displays details about currently operating Pulse nodes for off-network data access. Click the Pulse 'cloud' button to go to the Pulse panel.


The Task panel (purple box) displays a summary of batch operations and tasks, all finished tasks, all rendered tasks, all errors, currently running tasks, and all tasks finished with errors. The schedules that created most of these tasks can be viewed and managed in the Schedules section while all tasks can be seen in the Task Manager (click the schedule button the far right).

The task panel also offers some added functionality:

  • Click the pause button to PAUSE all task engines from processing any new tasks added to the system
  • Use the date and content type filters to filter the summarized task statistics