Entry Log

The entry logs provided a listing of all users who have logged IN to the application, within a given time period. The list shows each user's user name, first name, last name, login dates, whether or not the login was successful, and the tenant name.

Click the Export button to export the list.

Embedded User Tracking

In many embedding scenarios a generic account is used to log the user into the system. As such, tracking the entry log for a generic account will offer no details on the actual user's logging into the system. In this case, its up to the host application to track users ingress into the analytics.

However, if the "customdata" property is set as part of the programmatic logging procedure used for embedded content, it will be shown in the Entry log. This can provide a unique indicator to admins of which embedded user logged in and when.

Logout Log

The log does not show when users have logged out unless the user formally logs out of the application. However, it does capture failed login attempts.

Note that Audit logging is disabled by default. Go to The Settings > Logging to enable this feature.