The Mobile Device Manager page lets you see and manage all the mobile devices connecting to the system by user and device.

Device Id Check must be enabled to display the device list.

Mobile Device List

For each device you'll see the user name, device Id, device type (IOS or Android), enabled status. and the date and time of the last login from that device.

  • Click the edit button to change the user associated with a device or the delete button to remove it from the listing.
  • The device can also be enabled or disabled - to block its access to the system.

Proactive Opt-In

You can also add a device by selecting the Add Device button, and entering the user name, device Id, and device type BEFORE a user attempts to login to the system. This is a mechanism to proactively provision access to Pyramid from a mobile device, rather than wait for users to login to the system first.

Note: the first time a user logs in to the mobile application, their device is automatically added to the Mobile Device Users list.