System Schedule

The system has several internal scheduled events that are run in the background.

  • Use the Task Manager to see a listing of all system tasks in a single listing.

Log Cleaner time interval

This timer determines how frequently to clean the various logs in the system using the "auto-purge" settings from the logging page. Logs can be cleaned at an interval of 2 days, 1 day, or 12 hours

Note that this does not affect how long the system logs are kept. For example:

  • If you've chosen to keep system logs for 1 month (in Logging), and then you set the Log cleaner time interval to 1 day:
    • The logs will be kept for 1 month
    • After the initial 1 month, 1 day of logs will be cleaned every day, i.e., first day of the second month, the logs from the first day of the first month will be cleaned
    • This means there will always be 1 month's worth of logs

Personalization time interval

The Content Explorer includes a features called "Recommended" which uses a special machine learning based engine to recommend content items that a user is likely to find interesting based on what others in the system have used.

Set the Personalization time interval to determine how frequently these algorithms should be re-calibrated and run. Unless there is a huge variety of users making different choices very regularly, changes to the engines models will not be impacted by running this too regularly.

Snapshots time interval

The system creates image snapshots of content to provide convenient graphic icons of the items for the content explorer tools.

Set the Snapshots time interval to determine how frequently Pyramid should create these snapshots in the background. The system will only create snapshots for new content items, or content items that have been changed.

Processed Tasks

The system manages Alert Outputs and Model processing logs. Set the amount of time to keep system logs in the system before they are auto-purged. It is good practice to purge older system logs since they are not useful unless needed for ongoing diagnosis.

Time to keep Alert Outputs: sets the amount of time to maintain the information that was created as a result of the Alert Outputs that the system created.

Time to keep Model processing logs: sets the amount of time to keep the Model processing logs in the system.

Log Purge

The purge settings determine how long each log is kept on the system before being purged. It is good practice to purge logs regularly to keep the repository database operating efficiently. Click Run Now to immediately purge the logs according to the time selected.