Embed Experience

Basic users will experience all Pyramid's core functionality for all their Pyramid content embedded in third party web applications. Pyramid allows you to perform interactive query functions directly from the right-click context menu for queries. The various query functions allow the user to change the way a query resolves a data set result (and its related visualization). Embedded users also have access to built-in presentation menus and panel tools for presentations.

Interactive Query Functions

Right-click on the cells, columns, headers, legends or segments of the visual to access interactive query functions. The pop-up menu differs depending on whether a member or value is selected:


  • Drill Down, Drill Up, and Drill to Level - Drill functions allow users to move between different levels of a user hierarchy
  • Expand and Collapse - Expand and Collapse allows users to hide and show multiple levels of the hierarchy in a grid visualization
  • Dice, Add, and Swap - Dicing allow users to 'drill across' from a chosen element into another hierarchy. The Add and Swap menus offer variations of Dice, to inject and replace hierarchies.
  • Member and Data Point Selection - Selection tools allow users to easily and intuitively select elements and data points for analysis directly from visualizations
  • Quick Sort - Sorting allows the user to choose the order in which data and items are presented in a visualization
  • Quick Filter - Filtering allows the user to numerically filter data and items in queries
  • Pivot - Pivot allows the user to rotate selections between drop zones in your query design
  • Print - Totals allow users to add totaling to their grids to add context and information to the report.
  • Copy - Copy the data point or data in a grid to the clipboard so it can be pasted into a spreadsheet or document.
  • Actions - Actions allows users to launch actions that have been configured.

Presentation Menus and Panel Tools

Presentation Menu Options

Access the presentation menu from the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner of the slide when viewing the presentation at runtime.

  • Re-Run Queries: re-run the queries in the visuals.
  • Undo: undo the previous action.
  • Redo: redo the previous action.
  • Reset: undo all changes to reset the presentation - be sure to reset before exporting, as interactions at runtime will be reflected in the exported presentation.
  • Multi-Highlight Mode: enable cross-highlighting of visuals by multiple member elements or data points.
  • Print: open the Print & Export dialog.
  • Help: go to the user help.

Panel Tools

When a presentation is launched in runtime, a selection of panel tools is available for each visual.

  • Smart Insights: Generates AI-automated analysis of a given query, with the output returned in natural language.
  • Natural Language Querying Chat: (NLQ) Allows users to easily interact with visualizations in an intuitive way with plain English.
  • Auto Lasso Tool: use the dynamic lasso selection tool if cross-filters for your visuals have been configured. The affected visuals will be filtered by the selected data points.
  • Lasso Selection Tool: use this to select multiple data points, and then interact with them
  • Full-Screen: click the full-screen icon to full-screen the specified visual

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