Installation Directories

During installation, users are prompted to select 2 installation directories:

  • The main install location - where the software will be deployed
  • The data directory location - where data, temp files and the database repository will be stored

The Main Installation Directory

Depending on the operating system, this is usually the optimal location for installing software on the target server. The location will need up to 1.5b of space depending on which elements of the software are installed on the server (see multi-server deployments).

  • Using the default setting here is usually the best option.

The Data Directory

The data directory is used to store all operating files for the application. It will include temporary files used in data preparation, in-memory database files, upload and download files, printed file content and some logs. If the local data repository is also installed with the software, it will also be the location for the repository data files. The location should have enough space for all these file types as will need at least 0.5Gb of space. A fast disk, like an SSD, is recommended for the data directory.

  • By default, the data directory is a sub-directory under the installation directory. However, users are recommended to select other locations that can grow and perform better than the default location if possible.