Post Installation Adjustments

The application is installed with default settings and sample content during the initialization phase. Often, these default settings need to be changed in production environments.

Authentication Provider and Method

By default, the system is installed to use the database repository as the authenticating provider and the authentication method is set to "forms".


To change these items, go to the admin console, select "Authentication" under the Access menu. Here you can elect to change the provider to Active Directory from Internal Database. Once changed, you will be prompted to provide domain access details and credentials for the AD domain housing the users. You will also need to provide the account from the domain that will be used as the new enterprise admin account to manage the system.


Apart from changing the authenticating provider, admins can also select the type of authentication method in the authentication panel.

  • Internal Database - can use Forms or Basic Authentication
  • Active Directory - can use Forms, Basic Authentication or Windows Authentication

The method chosen is NOT affected by the use of 3rd party web servers.

Authentication changes must be done from inside the application - not from 3rd party web servers.