Deactivation and Changing Licensed Servers

Pyramid licenses are encoded to specific hardware. If you choose to move your Pyramid instance, you need to deactivate your current instance on the original machine and move the licenses to the new server using the "Server Switching" feature in the Customer Portal.

Deactivating Current Instance

This is a multi-step process as follows:

WARNING: You cannot undo the deactivation process. So be very careful in the use of this feature. If you are unsure, please contact support.

From inside the 'existing' installation

  1. Go to the admin console (red arrow). Choose Access>Licensing.
  2. Click the Deactivate Machine button (green arrow).
  3. After you accept the warning, copy the deactivation key and SAVE it to a text file.

From inside the 'new' installation

  1. Install your new instance of Pyramid, on your new server.
  2. In the registration page, select the "New Deployment" tab, and click "Generate" to get your new Machine Key. (see here for more)
  3. Copy this key and save it to a text file.

From the Customer Portal website

  1. Log into the Pyramid Customer Portal
  2. Choose "Licenses" in the Menu.
  3. Select the license pack you are planning to deactivate. It must match the server you deactivated or the process will fail.
  4. Click the "Switch" button.
  5. In the switch page, paste in your deactivation key from step 3 above into the first box.
  6. Paste in your new machine key from step II above into the second box.
  7. Click the "Switch" button.


  • Once complete, you can download your new keys from the Licensing tab in the portal.
  • Go back to your new instance of Pyramid and upload your new key file and your application will continue as expected.

Note that your old Pyramid instance will not continue to operate.