New Deployment Activation

The following process is designed for production deployments of Pyramid:

Single Server Deployments Activations

  1. Install the application to the target machine.
  2. Start up the client, and choose "New Deployment" in the top part of the start-up dialog.
  3. Click the "Generate Machine Key" button to get the unique key for the targeted machine (green arrow below). Copy it to your clipboard or to a file (blue arrow).
  4. Log into the Pyramid Customer Portal.
  5. Click on "Licenses".
  6. Click on the upload symbol under "Keys".
  7. Enter the Machine Key from the application.
  8. Click on the key symbol.
  9. Upload the key file ("pli") using the upload button (red arrow) to activate your application.

Multi-Server Deployment Activations

Follow the same process as for a single server deployment with these exceptions:

  1. Once you have the minimum vial product operational, you will be able to initialize the product. It is best at this stage to launch the product and complete the activation process.
  2. You must still generate the relevant machine key(s) and follow the purchase steps described above.

BEWARE: Multi-server capabilities are only available with the Enterprise License. If you have a Community edition or purchase a Standard edition license, the product will become inoperable if multiple server nodes are deployed.