Trial and Community Edition Registration

Before you can access the application you need to register. This process happens online.

If you need to register and get Community Edition keys offline, please read this. If you would like a trial instead, please contact sales


You will be sent a verification to your given email address.

Be sure that emails coming from the PYRAMIDANALYTICS.COM domain are not caught in spam

Once your email account has been verified, license keys will be provided to activate and enable the application.

  • Trial: This is a 30-day trial of the Enterprise Edition of Pyramid. Apart from the time limits, it comes with all features and full functionality.
  • Community Edition: This edition is a scaled back version of Pyramid, designed for no more than 3 users in limited deployment scenarios.

Registration Process

  • Complete the registration form.
    • The most important element is your email address. Registration verification will be sent to this account together with your license keys. Further, the account will be used to create access to the Pyramid Customer Portal where you can download upgrades and other elements of the platform.
  • Select the right license type for your scenario and click submit (green arrow below).

Once submitted, emails with relevant details will be sent to your account.

On the verification landing page, you will be given the ability to download your keys. A copy will also be emailed to your account.


Once you have your key file ("pli"), upload it into the application using the upload button (red arrow below) at the bottom of the registration panel.