Actions Panel

The Actions Panel is not a typical function in the content system as it doesn't change or manipulate content. Instead, it provides a broad interface for accessing many of the more in-depth tools and functions for content items and folders. While almost all functions and tools can be accessed through an item's context menu, the Actions Panel provides an alternative (and maybe more convenient) access path with a few additional functions.

Accessing the Actions Panel

To open the Actions Panel, do one of the following:

  • Click the Metadata icon (red box below).
  • Click the context menu (green arrow), and then Actions from the sub-menu (green box). Note that, when you click Actions, a sub-menu opens that includes a number of click-able options.

The Actions Panel opens to the side of the page.

Actions Panel Layout

The Actions Panel has various items in its layout.

Top Bar

The top of the Actions Panel includes several content tool panels (green box below) depending on 1) the type of item that is selected and 2) the features that are enabled through licensing or the administration console. This includes the following panels:

  • Metadata - the main panel for all actions.
  • Version - the panel for working with the content versioning tools.
  • Roles - the panel for viewing and setting role access for the item.
  • Data Source Changer - the panel for re-pointing content to different data models.
  • Structure Analyzer - the panel for checking the data structures of content against their underlying data models.
  • Alerts - the panel for managing any data alerts that have been built against the content item (Discover and Present only).
  • Schedules - the panel for managing any schedules that have been built against the content item (Model and Publish only).
  • Migration Wizard - the panel for orchestrating the migration of data between Pyramid instances.

Tip: To the right of these options are buttons to close the panel, maximize the panel, and (if the panel has been resized already) to return the panel to its previous size.

Action Items

Below the Metadata panel, there are several action item zones:

  • Quick Functions: these functions (red box) allow users to perform some quick actions on the item:
  • Tagging: this tab (green arrow) lets the user access the tag manager for the content item - to add, edit or remove tags associated with the item.
  • Ratings: this panellette (blue box) lets users rate a content item and see the overall rating for the content from all users. (See User Recommended content)
  • Copy ID: (yellow arrow) provides a convenient way to copy an item's ID for use in embedding, jump actions, admin diagnostics, and so on.
  • Usages Chart: (pink arrow, see below).

Refresh Snapshot

This function, found in the Actions Panel, tells the system to redraw the snapshot thumbnails of any selected content item using its latest design and layout. Each content item displays a preview (called a thumbnail snapshot). This snapshot is also displayed in the metadata panel for each content item. Snapshots can be refreshed for presentations and publications in order to reflect the latest changes in the given item. The Refresh Snapshot function is represented by the camera icon, which appears in the Metadata panel for presentations and publications only. Click the icon to regenerate the snapshots; this may take several minutes.

Usages Chart

The usages chart provides a light overview of usage for the item over time (pink arrow above). The chart is only shown for Discover, Present, and Publish content.

Slides Side Bar

For Present items, the side bar is shown with all the thumbnails of the slides in the Present dashboard (orange box below). Clicking on a specific slide, will open the Present file for editing at that specific slide.