Content Versioning

Users can save multiple versions of any content item built in Pyramid, and then retrieve and edit those versions, independently of the current version of the item. This provides users with an effective and simple way of tracking content changes, getting access to previous iterations of specific content items without having to restore the entire repository database as a whole, and continuing the development of content without the risk of losing or deleting the originals.

Specifically, versioning:

  • Allows users to keep different copies of their content items without having to create "replicas" with different names or in different folders locations
  • Improves governance where different content items in a large project can change over time and there is a need to track its changes in a convenient framework
  • Allows users to 'restore' older content if newer changes are erroneous (effectively an undo), as well as providing the ability to view previous versions without overwriting the current version

Creating Versions

The versioning mechanism is available for content that has been previously saved using the standard save process. To save a new version of content that's been edited (rather than permanently overwriting the original), use the Tab Menu from the item's tab in the App Tab interface. Then select "Save as New Version" from the Save fly out menu (purple box below).

You will then be prompted to enter a description for this new version - so it can easily be tracked in the content manager (see below).

Accessing Versions

To view versions of a content item, open its action panel and then click the Versioning button to see all the details and versions stored for the item, including details of the version description, modification date, modifier (red box below).

Version Actions

Open a Previous Version

To open a specific version of an item click the edit icon of a given version in the list. You will be presented with the item in the App Tab interface, like any other item. Here the content can be used and manipulated as needed.

Save a Previous Version

If you choose to save an opened version of a current content item - the old version will replace the existing current one and you'll receive a warning that you are about to overwrite that current version. To save the older version independently choose the "Save as" option instead and save it like a new file.

Delete a Previous Version

To delete a previous version, click its delete icon in the Action Panel version list.

Administrators have the ability to view deleted items by enabling the Show Deleted Items option. They can then restore a deleted item, or purge it to delete it permanently.