Embed Snippet Generator

Pyramid makes it easy for developers to grab code snippets needed to embed a specific content item. Although more advanced application developers will use the full Embed API framework (and possibly the REST API framework as well), the embed snippet gives a quick example of how to embed the selected item into a host web page as part of a broader app using pure JavaScript.

Embed snippets, by definition, are only available for Discover reports, Present dashboards, and Hub templates. This topic describes the use of the Embed Snippets dialog for a given Discover or Present content item using the CMS. For information about creating Hub Templates, see Hub Snippet Generator.

  • Click here to learn how to print embedded content.

Embedding is only available to customers who have purchased the separate 'Embed' license option.

Accessing Embed Snippets

Embed snippets are available using the quick action buttons on the Action Panel for a given Discover or Present content item (green box below). It can also be accessed from the item's tab menu in the App Tab Interface.

Once clicked, the Embed Code dialog opens (below). You should:

  1. Select the required language for your snippet: JavaScript, React, Angular, or RawJavaScript (blue highlight below).
  2. Complete any steps you need to take before running the embed snippet.
  3. Instructions are displayed above the code snippet in the code window (red highlight below). Be aware that when using JavaScript without full HTML, React, or Angular, you must install the NPM embed API in your development project prior to running the embed snippet.

    • Click here to learn how to install the embed API.

    The embed code itself starts with an import, importing the Pyramid Embed Client and any other relevant drivers.

    • Click here to learn more about the embedding scripts, including embedding multiple items.

  4. Several functions are exposed along the bottom of the Embed Code dialog (green highlight above), use this to configure your snippet:
    • Include Full HTML: generate a full page code snippet that can be copy-pasted into your HTML file. This option is only available for JS and raw JS snippets.
      • If 'Include Full HTML' is selected, use Width / Height options to set the width and height for the widget (in pixels) when rendered in the embed page.
    • Include Filter: select to add skeletal filtering logic into the code snippet. For an example that uses filters, see JavaScript with Full HTML.
    • Include slicers: select to include slicers in the embedded Discover content (Discover only).
    • Authentication: add authentication logic into the code snippet. It is recommended to have a server code that will authenticate users and generate an authentication cookie (see Embed Authentication).
    • Theme: drive the theme colors for the built-in dialogs. Options are: Default, Light, and Dark. Where Default is selected, 'Light' is used.
    • Export Types: indicate which export or printing options are offered to the end user. Options are:
      • All - Adds PDF, Excel, PNG, and CSV export or printing options in Discover and PDF and Excel export or printing options in Present.
      • None - Adds no export or printing options.
      • PDF - Adds the PDF option only.
      • Default - Where Default is selected, 'All' is used.
  5. To use the snippet, click Copy (yellow arrow) and then paste the snippet into your script editor.

Embed Authentication

Embedded content, like all content in Pyramid, requires user authentication. Before the snippets can be operational, the developer needs to ensure that an embed security token is correctly stored in the host page.

  • Click here for more details about Embedding.
  • Click here for more details about Embed authorizations and authentication.

Embed Syntax

The developer can select from a variety of snippet codes based on JavaScript, React syntax, or Angular syntax.


JavaScript Snippet

When using a JavaScript snippet, without full HTML, the NPM embed API must be installed into the developer's environment prior to using the embed script; this is indicated in the instructions above the script.

JavaScript with Full HTML

When using JavaScript with full HTML enabled, you don't need to import the embed API using NPM. Instead a direct link is supplied to the JavaScript library from the server itself. Developers are free to adjust this as needed.

Raw JavaScript

Raw JavaScript uses more basic code and does not assume the inclusion of the Embed API. You can select the required Embed API version: v1.0 or v2.0 (green highlight below). Recommendation: Select the newer API version.

Note: As of version 2020.10, the Embed APIs approach (v2.0) is recommended, since it provides a more object oriented approach to embedding with formal support for React, Angular, and TypeScript - all operating via NPM. This topic only describes the recommended Embed API v2.0. For more information about "Raw" embedding (v1.0) using this page, see "Raw" Code Embed.

  • Click here to learn more about the Embed API v2.0.


The React snippet is suitable for users with a React-based JavaScript page. As indicated in the code snippet instructions (red), the NPM embed API must be installed prior to embedding with React.

Angular Snippet

The Angular snippet is suitable for users with an Angular-based JavaScript embed page. As indicated in the code snippet instructions, the NPM embed API must be installed prior to embedding with React.