Open Related Content

In Pyramid, content can be shared and reused in multiple solutions and analytic artifacts. This improves consistency and efficiency because the same items are not recreated multiple times while also centralizing key logic and content rather than having duplicated silos all over the place (delivering on a key goal of building a centralized and consistent data and analytic catalog). Functionally, this then leads to scenarios where certain content items are nested inside other content items at multiple layers of depth.

This can also make it difficult to see and manage the items or their interrelationships. To resolve these challenges, Pyramid provides multiple tools for handling the inter-connectivity of related content. The ability to open related content is one such capability. However, there are multiple tools in the application that use this infrastructure. For example the lineage viewer allows users to view the entire content structure for a particular set of elements, so users can better understand the analytic catalog. Tools like The Data Source Changer (which re-points content to different data sources) and the Structure Analyzer (which checks content against a data source for errors) also use this framework to scan and manage all content items in catalog hierarchy.

What is Related Content

When an item is nested inside another content item, it is flagged as a related item. For example, the green "grid+kpi" Discover report is a related item to the red "dashboard" Present item in the lineage image below. The orange "Gross Margin" formulation is a related item to "grid+kpi" report, and so it's vicariously related to the red "dashboard" item as well.

Content, therefore, can be related based on if it has nested items inside it, or if it is nested inside other items:

  • Downstream: All contents nested inside a given item are considered to be downstream relatives of the item. This includes any subsequent items nested in the child objects and so on. So "grig+kpi" and "gross margin" in the diagram below are downstream of the "dashboard".
  • Upstream: All content items that nest a given item are considered to be upstream of that item. So "bubble" and "dashboard" are upstream of the "gross margin" formulation item.

Using Open Related Content

Using the concepts described above, the open related content offers a convenient technique for opening up all the related content for a given item into the App Tab Interface.

  • Open Related Content: using the menu item itself, this opens BOTH upstream and downstream items for the selected content item
  • Downstream: opens all downstream items only
  • Upstream: opens all upstream items only