Content Item Mechanics

Content items listed in the various content views of the content manager can be selected as individual elements or as a group of multiple elements. Once selected, the different content actions exposed through the context menu's are available to manage and manipulate the content as needed. The context menu's will adjust automatically to only expose functions relevant to the items selected - both as individual items and as a collection of multiple items (or folders).

Multiple Item Selections and Operations

Numerous content actions will be operational if multiple items have been selected - allowing users to perform bulk activities on more than a single item at a time. After selecting multiple items, the context menu will adjust accordingly - showing the relevant tools, wizards and actions.

The technique for selecting multiple items in the item listing depends on which display type is in use.

Actions on Selected Items

Once an item or multiple items are selected (as described above), you can perform multiple operations on the items through right-click context menus, through a normal click to open the item or items, and through using drag-and drop to move the items into a different place in the content management system (like a cut-and-paste operation).

Right-Click (Context) Menus

The context actions that are made available on right-click depend on your selections. For more information, see Content Menu Actions.

Open Items

Open is typically the top item on the context menu (see above), you can open the selected items by just right-clicking Open with the items selected.

When you open multiple content items in one action, you will see the last one to be opened in the main canvas but can navigate between each using the tabs at the bottom of the page.


  • In the Tile view, drag the selected items to a new folder, and either drop them onto a folder in the folder tree or onto a folder tile in the tile view.
  • In the List and Content views, drag the items to a new folder, and either drop them onto a folder in the folder tree or onto a folder item in the list or content view.