User Recommended

"User Recommended" is a FLAT listing of the top 20 most recommended content items - as voted by all users on the system - that can be accessed by the current user. The "User Recommended" content view can only be access from the content manager.

How it works

The User Recommended listing is driven by users actively rating content (1-5 stars). The system then assigns an average score to such content to drive a top-down ordered list of the items that a given user can see based on their average rating across all users.

Accessing User Recommended

The User Recommended view is presented in the content manager only and is denoted by a "thumbs up" icon.

The average rating for a given content item is shown with the 5 star icons (red arrow below). The rating can be seen in all content manager views - both in the item listing and also in each item's action panel.

  • Click here for more details on the various places to access content in the pro client.

User Recommended Item Actions and Tools

Any items found in the "User Recommended" view can be used as if they were found in a normal folder structure - including all content actions and tools. The only function NOT available in the view is the ability to PASTE a copied item into the User Recommended view itself.

Rating a Content Item

Users can set their rating for a particular content item from the Action Panel of the item in any of the content manager views.

The user simply clicks on the 5 star mask to set the number of stars they wish to give the content item (green arrow below). This can also be changed at any time. Below the user's rating, appears the overall rating for the item based on all user scores for that particular item (blue box).