Tab Menu

The tab menu, which is accessible from each open tab in the App Tab interface, contains shortcuts for various functions related to that specific app item.

Accessing the Menu

To access the menu users can either left or right click on the tab. Double clicking the tab or a previously saved item will open the rename item dialog box.

The menu presented changes based on the type of app content and its state (saved vs unsaved).

Unsaved Menu

When working on an unsaved item, only a few options will be visible from the tab menu:

  • Save: save changes to the content item.
  • Close: closes the current tab without saving.
  • Close other Tabs: closes all other tabs EXCEPT the current one.

Note: the rename options are not available for unsaved items.

Previously Saved Menu

The tab menu for content that has been previously saved has many more options.



Add to favorites / Remove from favorites

Adds the current content item to your favorites list, or removes the current content item from your favorites list.

Rate Item

Sets a user rating for the report or content item.


Duplicates the current content item into the same folder and opens it as a new tab.


Renames the content item. (Double-clicking on the tab will open the same function)

Change Description

Set or update the item's description.

Change Data Source

Use the Data Source Changer (DSC) to switch the data sources that underlie all data objects from Discover, Formulate, Present, and so on. This option is only available in Discover and Formulate.


  • Save the content item. (See below for more)
  • Extensions

    Access extended options. (See below for more)


    Deletes the content item from the content system and closes the tab.

    Go to item location

    Opens the content item's folder location in the Content Explorer.

    Open Related Content

    Opens any other content items related to the current item. (See below for more)


    Closes the current tab.

    Close other tabs

    Close all other tabs EXCEPT the current tab.


    From the Save sub-menu, select one of the following:

    • Save: save changes to the content item.
    • Save & Close: saves changes and closes the current tab.
    • Save As: save as a new content item with a different name and location.
    • Save as New Version: save the current item, with its current name in its current folder location, with a new version. You will be prompted to provide a description for the new version.


    The Extensions menu offers options for embed snippets and direct-open URL links for the current item. This menu is only for Discover and Present items.

    • Embed: a dialog for grabbing basic embed script for the current item.
    • Direct URL Link: copy a direct URL link to the item. This can be used to open the item from a browser directly.
    • Direct URL Link with Back Option: copy a direct URL link to the item as above and includes the 'back to application' function.
    • OData: copy an OData URL or snippet to your clipboard that allows results to be read into another client's technology.
    • Also see the Copy Link functions found in the content manager framework.

    Open Related Content

    Open content items that are related to the current item. Downstream content includes all items that are embedded int he current item (like formulas). Upstream content includes all content items into which the current item is embedded.

    • Open All: open all related content items - both upstream and downstream.
    • Upstream: open content items that were created using the current item
    • Downstream: open content items that were used to build the current items