Job Spooler

The Job Spooler allows a user to access the results of any long running background jobs that may have been launched in a session. It has several uses, including:

  • Viewing the progress and status of any Model jobs (for data cleansing or preparation)
  • Viewing the progress and status of any long running printing jobs. This also includes being able to access the finished print result.
  • Viewing the progress and status of any Auto Discovery jobs.

Accessing the Job Spooler

Open the job spooler from the App Tab status bar on the right hand side of the App Tab interface( red highlight below).

When an item is placed in the job spooler, you'll see an alert icon.

  • Green - all jobs are completed and ready
  • Yellow - some jobs are in progress
  • Red - all jobs are completed but failed.

Each type of long running process is listed in the table. Each has its own nuances.

Model Jobs

When a new data model is processed, it will be added to the job spooler. From the spooler you can open the model in Discover when its complete, view its progress log, or remove it from the spooler.

Model Progress Log

From the Model Progress log, you can review each component (Node) of the Model flow. Each node listing can be expanded to review additional details.

For each listing you'll see:

  • The time of execution
  • The node name
  • The execution status
  • The execution message

Printing Jobs

Discover, Present and Publish items can be printed by clicking the print button in each app. If the printing is completed quickly, the results are popped to the browser immediately for the user. However, there are times when the printing process can take time to complete. Alternatively, the user may elect to "send the job to the spooler" from the Print Dialog. This is only available for Discover and Publish.

All session printing jobs are listed in the spooler - even those that were NOT explicitly sent tot he spooler. This allows users to re-open previously printed output if necessary.

For each print job in the spooler, users will see:

  • Actions: Click the Download button to download and open the item. Click the Summary button to open the Print and Export Summary dialog. Click Remove button to remove the item from the job spooler.
  • Status: indicates if a job was successful or not (green - successful, yellow - in progress, red - fail)
  • Activity: the name of the item, and the output type to which it was exported
  • Start Time: the time at which the job was run
  • End Time: the time at which the job was completed

Auto Discovery Jobs

When you launch an Auto Discovery process, a spooled job is created since it typically takes several minutes to complete.

When the job has been finished, click the Present icon to open the AI-built Present dashboard that contains the automated analyses and results.

Note: A maintenance system event runs every day. All spooled scheduled events more than 48 hours old will be cleared,