Auto Discover

Auto Discover is an augmented analytics discovery tool for auto-analyzing your data and producing machine-built analyses and visualizations. The tool can be used to find interesting correlations and patterns automatically in your data and show views of data that you may not discover on your own.

Access to Auto Discover can be managed from Profiles in the Admin Console.

  • A deeper explanation of how Auto Discovery works can be found here.

Accessing Auto Discover

Auto Discover can be triggered from the Discover launch window by selecting a model to trigger a model-wide review and analysis.

Size and Performance

There is no theoretical limit on the number of columns and measures that can be used in a data model for Auto Discover. However, the bigger the footprint and the slower the database in the data model, the longer it will take to render the analysis.

How to Trigger Auto Discover for Model


Open a discovery tab and choose a server and then a database, in order to see its models. Choose a model and click Auto Discovery. The Auto Discovery dialog opens.

Tip: You can also launch Auto Discover when quick modeling from a file - simply click Auto Discovery instead of Build.


Choose a parent directory and enter a new folder name, then click Discover & Save.


A success pop up opens. Click Open Spooler to see the Auto Discovery progress.


Once the folder is populated, you can open the spooler and click the Present icon to view the discoveries in a presentation.


Preview the presentation that holds all the "auto discoveries" that were created.


Go to the content folder to see all the Auto Discovery files that were created.