Interacting with Your Discoveries

Pyramid provides many ways to interact with your data on the fly, enabling you to slice and dice, filter, sort, drill, and more.

The following table lists the data interaction capabilities accessible by right-clicking on your visualizations. For examples of these functions, see Exercise: Use Interactive Capabilities.

To access these functions:

  • Right click on the cells, columns, headers, or segments of the visual
  • Right click on the chips in the drop zones
  • Open them from the ribbons




Apply an action that has been configured. Click here to learn about actions.


Hide child members of the selected member of a user hierarchy.

Copy Content/ Copy Raw Data

Copy a visual's raw data, which can then be pasted in Excel. Right click on the canvas to view this option. There is a limit of 400,000 cells.


Simultaneously filter by the current element and drill across to another hierarchy.

Drill Down

Drill down from the current elements to the next level of elements within a user hierarchy.

Drill to Level

Drill to a specified level of elements from within a user hierarchy.

Drill Up

Drill up to the previous level of elements within a user hierarchy.

Eliminate Data Point

Remove a specific data point.

Expand Down

Expand Down shows the child members of the selected member in the next level down. This is only operational on multi-level hierarchies. The expand functions operate in slightly different ways between OLAP cubes and other data sources.

Focus Data Point

Select a specific data point and remove all other data points.

Lasso Selection

Located in the canvas menu, Lasso Selection allows you to multi-select a group of results in your visual, and then interact with those results.

Member Selection

Remove a specified element from the query, or focus in on a specified element. You can achieve the same effect by using the element trees to hand pick which elements are visible in the query.


Use the pivot function to switch columns with rows in a grid, or to switch the x and y axes in a chart.

Quick Calc

Access quick calculations when right clicking on the measure header.

Quick Filter

Context sensitive filtering of rows or columns based on the selected elements. Filters available are top count, top percent, bottom count, and bottom percent.

Quick Sort

A context sensitive sorting of rows or columns, based on either values or labels.

Selection Tool

Located in the canvas menu, the selection tool is used to select common elements with a visual, and then apply various interactions to them.

Show Conversation

Show conversations for the given member or cell (only appears if a conversation exists, and Conversations have been enabled).

Start New Conversation

Start a new conversation based on the selected member or cell.


Add a totals column and/ or row to grids.