Discover Runtime Settings

These settings determine which actions will be available when the discovery is opened in runtime. They are similar to the settings that can be set in Present.

Access the Runtime Settings Dialog

Open the Runtime Settings dialog from the Design ribbon.

Runtime Settings Dialog

You may select one of 3 presets, or you can manually enable and disable the required functions.

Full Selection: enables all runtime settings; you may disable required settings by deselecting their checkbox.

Light Selection: enables only drill, dice, quick sort, quick filter, pivot, and conversations; you can manually disable any of these or enable additional functions.

Nothing Selected: disables all runtime settings; you can enable required settings by selecting their check box.

Query Context Actions

Enable or disable runtime functions that affect the query context:

Drill-Up and Drill-Down

Expand and Collapse (only affects drill path hierarchies)


Drill to Level

Quick Sort

Quick Filter

Member Selection




Show Empties

Quick Calc

Report Meta Actions

Enable or disable runtime functions that affect the report:

Copy Content

Build New Alert