NLQ: Advanced Intelligence

Advanced intelligence describes additional capabilities in the Natural Language facility that relate to time (by month, this year, in the future), place (by country, in Australia), proper noun (for John, by Juanita), and using advanced analytical methods (forecast, cluster, and so on).

In its simplest form, Pyramid's Natural Language interfaces take a user's question, and searches for the entities (hierarchies, members, and measures) in the current data model, applies basic analytic functions (like filtering and sorting), and builds a query against the data source. It then returns a smart AI-driven visualization comprising the results. These basic tenets are extended by implementing advanced intelligence capabilities related to time, location, proper nouns, and analytics.

Note: The Chatbot is cumulative, so you can continue updating, changing, and even interacting with the query in subsequent questions.

Natural language querying and the Chatbot are common to a number of apps in Pyramid. For common information, see NLQ: Advanced Intelligence.