NLQ Chatbot

Natural Language Querying allows users to ask an analytical question in plain English, and the system will respond with the answer in the form of a visualization. The Chatbot extends this functionality by letting you "chat" in plain English with the system, letting it update and refine your visualization, report, or query according to your given questions or statements.

The Chatbot offers an intuitive and flexible approach to report-building, enabling you to build whatever queries you want, without clicking any buttons, or performing any drag and drop functions. You can even use it to perform interactive functions like drill, dice, swap, filter, and sort.

Depending on your own preferences, you may find Chatbot querying to be more intuitive than the alternative methods of mouse-clicking and drag and dropping. In this case, the Chatbot can encourage you to explore the data model in a more spontaneous way, helping you to discover more interesting and insightful findings.

The NLQ Chatbot can be used to build queries in Discover, and it can also be used to interact with visualizations in Present at runtime.

  • Click here to learn more about NLQ Chatbot in Present

Note: this feature is available with the Enterprise Edition license only.

Accessing the Chatbot in Discover

The NLQ Chatbot can be accessed when launching a new Discovery; you can "Ask a Question" or "Type a question."

Alternatively, you can open the Chatbot from the bottom-right of the page in any of the Design Time apps that support the Chatbot.

Chatbot Querying

The Chatbot employs almost identical techniques to simple NLQ questions. This includes time intelligence, geographic intelligence, proper noun intelligence, and so on. The Chatbot supports specialized wildcard searches on the current data model and support for several special keyword commands.