String Functions

Custom Column String functions are used to manipulate existing non numeric columns to create new virtual non numeric columns that can be used as new hierarchies within the model. By creating a new string value of data in hierarchy column (metric or non-metric), the engine effectively adds a new virtual column to the data model that represents a new way to slice, dice and view query results.

Available String Functions

  • Upper Case: converts the characters of the column to all upper case.
  • Lower Case: converts the characters of the column into all lower case.
  • Length: returns the character length of the column value.
  • Left: returns the leftmost 'n' characters of the column value
  • Right: return rightmost 'n' characters of the column value.

Adding String Functions

Right clicking on an element in the hierarchies panel will show a context menu. Hover on the "Create" option to reveal the string functions on the slide off.

Multiple Selections

If two or more attributes are selected (using Ctrl-click) an additional string function is revealed allowing the combination or concatenation of the string values concerned, separated by space. This is often used for example in joining First Name and Last Name type columns, but can be applied to any column.