Advanced Analytic Context Functions

As described in the context calculation overview, the advanced analytics functions are designed to provide an easy technique to applying advanced statistical and forecasting mathematics to the data points in a result set. These types of logical elements are seldom done with semantic formulas (model based )or granular calculations (row-level, transactional) because they almost always require context, and they will change to suit the selections made in a report or visual.

Advanced Analytics Logic

The core principal behind advanced analytic calc's is to read all the data points in a query and easily compute values using advanced statistical methods (forecasting and regression). Although these values can be derived in alternative ways, the key elements driving the math look at the list of items (from a hierarchy) and the selected metric(s). By changing the hierarchy or the selections, the computed values will change accordingly, without needing to redefine or recode the calculation itself (i.e. its contextual).

The contextual functions provided cover 2 areas. Other advanced analytical methods in addition to these are also accessible from the query ribbon.

  • Forecasting - The Forecasting tools are used to project future values in a time series, such as corporate sales over the next four quarters.
  • Regression - Regression functions allow users to compare two or more metrics across a range of items to see their relationship.