Quick Variable Lists

Variable lists are a specialized type of logic that can be used in your report to change or swap out the list of elements used in the query using a simple switch. The capability allows basic element swap outs as well as swapping out entire lists with other lists (effectively, this a variable list of lists).

A longer, deeper explanation of what variable lists are can be found here.

Variable List Design Options

There are three main techniques for building Variable lists:

This topic covers the Quick Variable List builder, which can be triggered from the right-click context menu on a visual or element trees (as explained here).

Using Quick Variable Lists

Create a quick variable list by opening the Elements panel of the relevant member hierarchy (right click on the hierarchy and select View Elements). Use the Ctrl key and select the required elements, right click, and under Create List select Create Variable List.

The new variable list will appear under the Elements panel (blue highlight below) - auto-named based on your selections.

Select its checkbox to add it to the query, or right click on it to save it to the CMS.

Editing and Managing Variable Lists

To rename your variable list or give it a meta description, right click on the item and choose 'properties'. To learn more about managing quick variable lists click here.

Variable List Parameters

Variable lists are based on parameters. In general, these parameters can be built in the Formulate parameter tools as sharable, reusable parameters; or they can be built inside the wizard using quick static parameters. Importantly, Quick Variable Lists are always built using quick static parameters created during the process. Once built, its parameter can be accessed from the Internal Parameter dialog.

Open the Design ribbon and click the Internal Parameters button (red highlight below). The parameter will appear in the dialog (green highlight). Under Actions, the parameter can be edited in Formulate, saved to the content system or deleted.

Note: The parameter can only be deleted if the variable list is not being used in the query, and only after the variable list has been deleted.