Grid Borders

The grid border functions are grouped under the Border tab (green highlight below) of the Formatting panel.

The functions are as follows:

  • Borders: manage the grid borders. Toggle the border buttons to show or hide borders.
    • Show/ Hide Borders: show or hide horizontal and/ or vertical borders.
    • Thickness: change the thickness of the borders.
    • Color: change the color of the grid's borders.
  • Table Handles: show an additional border at the top or bottom of the grid. Toggle the handle buttons to show or hide handles.
    • Thickness: toggle to increase the width of the grid's borders.
    • Color: toggle to decrease the width of the grid's borders.

The grid border functions can also be accessed from the Component ribbon (red highlight below):

Border Settings Dialog

The border settings dialog can be opened from the border drop down in the Component ribbon:


Select the borders that should be enabled, then set the border width and color.

Table Handles

Enable to add handles (an additional border) to the top and/ or bottom of the grid. Set the handle width and color.


In this example the border thickness was increased to 3, and border color was changed to blue. Both top and bottom table handles were turned on, and their thickness set to 3.