Column Size

Column width can be easily changed by applying a preset, or by customization. The options available for column sizing are designed to meet a variety or formatting needs, including text wrapping for column and row headers. These tools give you flexibility and control over the look of your grid and ensure legibility.

Changing Column Widths

Column widths may be increased or decreased by hovering over column header border until the cursor appears as a double arrow. Drag the cursor to the left to shrink the column, or to the right to enlarge it.

Column Sizing Options

The columns sizing drop-down menu features 5 presets. These presets determine the width of the grid's columns, and whether or not the column or row width can be customized. The Column Sizing drop-down can be found in both the Formatting panel and the Component ribbon.

Formatting Panel

The Column Size drop-down is located on the Settings Tab of the Matrix Grid view of the Formatting panel.

Component Ribbon

Open the Column Sizing drop-down from the Component ribbon.

From the drop-down, select the required preset. Alternatively, select Custom to customize columns widths, or click More to open the Grid Size Settings dialog (see below).

Combined Row Width

You can also customize the combined row width. This is useful if you have a large grid containing several row columns, and you want to ensure that each row column is visible.

To customize the combined row width, hover over the border between the right-most row and the left-most column. A double-headed arrow will appear (blue arrow below); drag the arrow to increase or decrease the total row width. Depending on your grid row settings (continue reading to learn more), a scroll bar may be added to the bottom of the grid (green arrow below).

Grid Size Settings Dialog

To open the Grid Size Settings dialog, click More from the Column Sizing drop-down. From the Grid Size Settings dialog you can customize the Row Area Size and Column Size: