The Notes feature allows users to add notes to the report canvas.These can include automated notes when AutoML engines are used. Any notes added are also surfaced in Present when users hover over note icons.

Adding Notes

Enable the tool by clicking Show Notes from the Report ribbon.

The notes window will appear underneath the report canvas. To hide your notes, click the context menu and select Hide, or click the Show Notes button in the Report ribbon. Hiding the notes window does not delete your notes.

The notes panel can be minimized and maximized by dragging it up or down from its upper border. The window can be positioned on any side of the canvas - to reposition the notes window, hover over the Notes header and drag. A blue highlight will appear and you will be able to drag and drop the window onto any of the docking zones on the sides of the canvas (the docking zones will be indicated with a blue highlight).


The Notes in Discover can include auto-generated notes when the advanced analytic or AutoML algorithms are used. These notes are appended to any custom user generated notes added through the note interface. Click here for more on this functionality.