Motion Drop Zone

The Motion drop zone enables you to view your query in motion, as a series of visualizations. Adding a motion, or play, axis adds visual animations to your charts. Add a date hierarchy to see how your data changes over time.

How to Use the Motion Drop Zone

Simply add a member hierarchy to the Motion drop zone (green arrow) to view your query as a moving series of visualizations. For instance, add the month hierarchy to view a series of visualizations, each filtered by a different month, in order to view changes over time.

Any member hierarchy can be used to animate the visuals, not only date/time hierarchies.

The Motion drop zone is available with Cartesian visuals, which include:

  • Column charts
  • Bar Charts
  • Line charts
  • Area charts
  • Scatter charts

It is also exposed when working with maps and scatter charts.

From the motion play bar (blue arrow) you can:

  • Play and pause
  • Go back to the beginning
  • Skip to the end

Motion Settings

From the Component ribbon, click the Motion button (green arrow) to reposition the motion panel. Click the Motion drop down menu to:

  • Move the motion panel: it can be placed along the top or bottom of the canvas
  • Change the speed: by default the speed is set to Fast, which changes visualizations at a rate of 1 second. Select Normal to change the rate to 2 seconds, or Slow to change the rate to 3 seconds.