Calendar Pickers

The calendar slicer features 3 different calendar pickers, each designed to meet a specific set of requirements. You can show or hide any of these pickers from the slicer's settings dialog.

Simple Calendar Picker

The Simple calendar picker allows you to select the items that should be used to filter the query. To select more than one element, enable Multi Select. With multi select enabled, you can select multiple elements from any level of granularity.

The example below will filter the query by the 4 dates selected: 5, 6, 12, and 13 January, 2008:

Range Calendar Picker

Use the range picker to filter the query by a date range, beginning with the 'From' date, up to and including to 'To' date. Select the required level of granularity, then select the start date from the left, and the end date from the right.

This is an efficient way to filter the query by a range of dates that doesn't correspond with the granularity. For example, if you want to filter by Q1, you can either select Q1 from the Quarters level in the Simple picker, or you can select the start and end dates for Q1 from the Range picker; the easiest option is the former.

However, if you want to filter by a range of dates within Q1, say, 29 January - 4 March, this is easily achieved via the Range picker.

The example below will filter the query by all dates between 1 April 2009 and 30 September 2009, inclusive.

Formula Calendar Picker

Filter the query by a functional selection by choosing the required granularity, date/ time period, and function. Pyramid then calculates the formula on-the-fly, without producing any calculation elements (such as those created by the Time Calculation wizard).

The type of functions available depends on the selected level of granularity.

Functional Selections

The Formula calendar picker supports the functional selections described below. You can also review detailed documentation about each of these functions here.