Extended Functionality

The features documented in this section extend beyond typical data analysis, offering functionality that compliments and enhances the data analytics experience. For instance, users can define Actions that will be enabled when a specified element in the report or visualization is clicked. For example, you may want to provide a link from a certain member to another relevant report.

The Alerts Builder, meanwhile, enables the creation of triggered and scheduled alerts based on user-defined criteria. The user receives an alert when the given criteria are met for the chosen data point (for example, if costs increased in Q1). Users are then directed to the relevant report, where they can review the data and decide on next steps to take; a first step may be to start a Conversation in Pyramid with the relevant users.

Users can create conversation threads links to a report, and invite the relevant users to participate in the conversation; this feature assists users in taking data-driven actions by enabling and encouraging collaborative efforts.

Meanwhile, users connecting to SAP HANA or BW datasource can easily configure SAP parameters that have been created in the datasource in order to filter the model accordingly in Pyramid.

Extended Functionality in Discover Pro

  • Actions: construct actions that will be triggered when a user clicks somewhere on the report visualization.
  • Alerts Builder: build alerts that will let you know about changes in a given data point.
  • Workflows and Conversations: use workflows for actionable analytics or converse with other users in threaded discussions and comments that are linked to a specified report, member element, or data point.
  • SAP Parameters: configure SAP parameters that were constructed in the datasource.
  • Data Catalog Viewer: export the data catalog for the current data model to PDF